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In view of existing alternative nonmedicine methods: acupuncture, laser therapy, moxa, electrotherapy and others, including natural products, herbs and minerals - in an integrated approach to individual treatment, regeneration and recondition of organism recommend proven products and reliable producers.


Preparations  FOHOW

Phoenix (Fohow)  is an auspicious super-bird that can bring luckiness to people. It is said that people who see him will gain a happy life.
Fohow Group, setting its goal at "spreading health culture and bring benefit to health for human being", expects to bring health and happiness to all friends just like the phoenix bird do.
Phoenix , absorbing merits of hundreds of birds, with the most fair-sounding voice, the strongest physique, and the most beautiful feather, is the king of birds.
Just like the target of Fohow Group, to be the best and the largest company.
Phoenix, a valorous bird that never afraid of difficulties, who has experienced numerous tribulation and tempering in raging flame but always reborn and grow to be the most beautiful and immortal super-bird. Our partners in Fohow Group also pursuit of excellence and never afraid of throwback till we become the best.


Rapid effect and a positive result is achieved through the use of liquid forms - elixirs Cordyceps and other higher fungi, which are absorbed by the body in patients with 98-100% effectivity!

Products groups:
1-“Regulating” Series

FOHOW ORAL LIQUID, Serial Number : F001

FOWOH LINCHZHI, Serial Number : F003

2 -“Clearing” Series

FOHOW LIUWEI CHA, Serial Number : F004

FOHOW GAOQIAN, Serial Number : F005

FOHOW MEIGUI, Serial Number : F006


Capsules XUEQINGFU, Serial Number : F009

3 - “Nourishing” Series


Calcium alginate, Serial Number : F010

4 - Healthcare & Nursing Series

Legend of Fohow - gynaecological preparat, Serial Number : FH005

Cordyceps sinensis facial mask, Serial Number : FH04

Phoenix Laser Therapy Instrument, Serial Number : FH006

Biological response thermal waist support, Serial Number : FH01

Security girth neck using biothermal energy, Serial Number : FH02

Biological response thermal kneepad, Serial Number : FH03


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Seven Cornerstones of FOHOW’s Cause

Speech on Opening Ceremony of Russia Branch President

Yu Fei

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the ceremony!
Today, FOHOW Group opens its business in Russia. This is an exciting day. It will be memorized by FOHOW’s history for ever. Let’s celebrate the business opening with our warm applause!
As the president, I would like to express my gratitude to all of you, on behalf of FOHOW Group, and convey my congratulations to all partners for their achievements at the previous stage. Also, I will commend and award prizes and certificates to excellent dealers who have made outstanding accomplishments.
FOHOW Group is a group company engaged in healthcare industry, mainly healthcare food. It possesses over ten subsidiaries, including one research institute and three plants. With “Fostering healthcare culture to benefit the public’s health” as the logo, we are striving to bring health and happiness to people and offer opportunities to numerous dealers of FOHOW for permanent operation, by virtue of our best products, healthcare theory, corporate culture, market plans, as well as the broadest prospect for development.
Since February 18, when FOHOW Group performed trial operation in Russia, we have made excellent achievements in the market and established branches in many countries and regions, such as Moscow, Yekaterinburg, New Siberia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Lithuania,
We have given top priority to the localization and standardization in business management, and have made positive efforts to apply for business license and certificates of products, in line with the requirements of local authorities. Now we have acquired certificates of products and sales certificates from many countries such as Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Uzbekistan and Mongolia, and are applying for such certificates to Israel, Indonesia and some other countries.
FOHOW’s cause is a permanent cause, the development of which is bound to bring success and fortune to numerous people. Over the past ten-odd years, I have run healthcare cause as I chose with my full energy. FOHOW symbolizes painstaking efforts and wisdom of the staff who have strived for its success. In the future, we will exert intensified efforts to turn it out to be a greater success. As for touching history of FOHOW and the reasons why people choose it, I would like to draw brief conclusions on its characteristics and advantages in seven aspects.
I. Rather than merely a trading company, FOHOW Group is an international and industrialized group company which possesses its own research institute and production bases. Since what it deals in are products developed and manufactured by it, FOHOW’s cause does have an extremely solid foundation.
II. Products of FOHOW Group are of top quality. We have put forth three basic requirements on our products: firstly, remarkable effect; secondly, natural ingredients which can ensure for safety; thirdly, possession of self-own intellectual property rights as well as formulas and technics which are hard to be imitated, thus ensuring high competitiveness in the market. As favorites to Chinese leaders and world champion winners, FOHOW’s products have a glorious sales history in China for many years. They are top-quality products as having been proved by extensive test in market and strict test in lab.
III. FOHOW Group has perfect healthcare concept. A unique healthcare theory of FOHOW has been formed by absorbing the essence of Chinese medical science. For instance, the three healthcare modes for keeping fit— health care via mentality, behavior and diet; healthcare concept of “Clearing, regulating and nourishing” via food; and healthcare notion of energy, Qi and spirit. These are all cultural ideologies which can bring us healthiness and happiness. They are derived from Chinese medical science and philosophy.
IV. FOHOW Group is in possession of eminent corporate culture and leaders.
An enterprise with culture is like a person with faith.
FOHOW Group possessed unique and eminent corporate culture. Our operating tenet is “Fostering healthcare culture to benefit the public’s health”; our spirit is “Conscientiousness, dedication, harmony and high efficiency”; our cooperative logo is “Equality, collaboration, specialty and win-win”; and the team culture we are seeking for is “Releasing enthusiasm to realize dreams”. It symbolizes our fearlessness of difficulties and frustration, our ordeal towards eminence, and our aspiration to bring auspiciousness, blessedness, health and success to all friends, just like what a phoenix does in Chinese tales.
Corporate culture of FOHOW Group is endowed with unique connotation, profound background and solid foundation. It is comprised of the theories of yin-yang, five phases and FOHOW’s healthcare.
FOHOW Group is in possession of eminent leaders who constitute a team of elites, rather than separate individuals. As for me, I have steadfast faith and persistent operating concept. I adhere to the principle “Being fearless of frustration and in pursuit of eminence”, and hope to bring health, blessedness and success to all friends, just like what a phoenix does in Chinese tales. Mr. Han Jinming is an internationally influential leader of direct-sale enterprise, who has high morals, strong capacity and grand strategic ideology. Professor Tang Youzhi is a man with extremely high reputation. He symbolizes the top level of herbalist doctors and traditional Chinese medicine, and has received high respect and praise from China and even all around the world. Mr. Qu Junsheng is a conscientious, dedicated and highly-efficient enterprise leader with strong executive ability. He is a reliable cooperative partner, for he is apt at listening to dealers’ opinion and takes pleasure in providing considerate service for them. Mr. Li Fan is a well-experienced enterprise leader who has moral integrity and professional competence. He is characterized by normalized and considerateness management as well as aptness at enterprise planning and market management. Additionally, we have a middle-level backbone team which is of top quality and high efficiency.
Leading group of FOHOW is an excellent group of management. With sound mind and strong ability, it is absolutely capable of leading our company to stride towards great success.
V. The superior award system of FOHOW Group has been proved by time as being safe, reliable and mutually beneficial. We have slightly improved the long-standing satisfactory award plan, and the improved one is more beneficial to the market and dealers, since more benefits have been returned to them. This is an embodiment of the leading group’s attitude to cooperation, namely, maximizing the profit for partners on the precondition that our company is under safe operation.
We can’t say that our award plan is the best in the market, yet we can say that we have taken dealers’ interest into full consideration before stipulating the plan, and it was finally determined by the dealers’ committee.
VI. FOHOW Group symbolizes the most advanced force in direct-sale industry and has inexhaustible vitality and broad prospect for development.
The on-line E-commence service system adopted by FOHOW Group is composed of on-line enquiry system, form declaring system and settlement system of FOHOW currency. It is currently the most advanced direct-sale mode integrated with advanced Internet technology in Russian market.
Its advantages are as follows:
a: Enquiry for one’s own performance and bonus is available at any time; bonus obtained in the past is clear-cut.
b: One’s own network structure is accessible, so that he/ she may realize the way to achieve highest working efficiency and thoroughly avoid blindness in work.
c: The adoption of FOHOW currency has substantially decreased cash flow, which can save our time and make our accounts simpler and clearer. Also, it can make the status on distribution and repertory very clear, thus saving the time for repertory checking to a great extent.
d: The world became very small due to our application of advanced Internet technology, for we can expand our business and manage our group everywhere in a more convenient and swifter way.
Our on-line E-commence service system is provided with more other advantages. It is undoubted that the more frequently you use it, the greater extent you love it, and the larger market share you win, together with greater fortune.
VII. FOHOW’s logo of cooperative business is “Human-foremost, equality, collaboration, specialty and win-win”.
There do exist some companies from which dealers can not receive sufficient respect and with which they can not have an equal “Dialogue”. Such companies promote autarchic leadership which frequently do harm to dealers’ interest and break their hearts. Such a mode will make it impossible to conduct long-term cooperation. It is certainly not the right one for dealers, especially for our company.
There are some other companies which are manipulated by dealers. They accept all dealers’ requests no matter whether they are reasonable or not, regardless of their own capacity to keep such promises. Such companies are definitely lack in the guarantee for permanent operation, for they do business in violation of the rules in direct-sale cause and run short of specialty. Obviously, this mode is not an ideal one for us to choose.
Then what a mode is adopted by FOHOW’s cause?
What we have adopted is a rules-observing mode with scientific management. FOHOW’s responsibility is to offer platform and service, and that of dealers is to develop market and promote education. We have established faithful, responsibility-divided, equal and collaborative relations with dealers. Such relations reflect our company’s human-foremost, specialized, equal, cooperative and win-win business mode.
We have talk about win-win for many times when coming to FOHOW’s cause. So what is win-win?
Win-win means common success made by both FOHOW Group and its dealers (including customers) in the cause of FOHOW.
We are to achieve win-win in product sales to satisfy both our company and its customers, in award plan to enable our company and its dealers to make profit, and in our common future to develop a broad prospect for development on the part of both our company and its dealers.
FOHOW Group is establishing an equal and win-win mode which is featured by mutual respect, mutual understanding, clear division of work, and divided responsibility. Relations between our company and its dealers are equal and based on cooperation under this mode. This may serve as a foundation for gradually establishing a closer collaborative mechanism. For this reason, before making crucial decisions, FOHOW Group will communicate with Dealers’ Committee to listen to opinions collected from customers. Meanwhile, Dealers’ Committee is liable to offer advice to the former, provide it with valuable information and rational suggestions, and fully understand and accept its crucial decisions. We are convinced that only such a cooperative mode can help us to achieve long-term win-win.
FOHOW’s advantages are far beyond the foregoing aspects. I believe that wise friends will make wise choice with their wisdom.
FOHOW’s cause is our common cause. Choosing FOHOW means the choosing of happiness and health; Choosing FOHOW means the choosing of progress; Choosing FOHOW means lighting up our enthusiasm with our affection, so as to realize our dreams.
May all friends be healthy, happy and successful!
Thank you!