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Introduction to philosophy

The new progressive method of reverse regeneration is based upon the principles of biotransformation therapy and the holistic approach to man. It avails of the latest findings of psychotronics, phytotherapy, homeopathy, crystal therapy and bioresonance. The information carrier is a herbal poly-composite extract which is harmonised on the basis of a certain system helping to restore the balance of all vital processes within the body.

Bioinformation products developed on the basis of this new method act in the human body on several levels at the same time. The active substances from plants influence body organs directly via the meridian links and by means of bioresonance the information components offset the cause of the disease in the very information field of man. Their synergy brings about their maximum efficacy. Bioinformation products in general harmonise the personality of an individual. Balance is restored via reverse symptoms of the past diseases. Each plant, mineral, and other substances which may be used for regeneration, have their peak efficacy at a certain degree of dilution. In the development of our products this principle has been availed of as much as possible.

The entire system of reverse regeneration composes of the essential wide-spectrum regeneration products and supplementary products, which complement each other and are intended for the regeneration of any important area of the human organism. The word "wide-spectrum” means that each product regenerates several areas at the same time. The creativity of application of individual products and the simplicity of the system represent a major benefit, allowing anybody to preventively care for their health through harmonisation.

There is no “absolute” health. In order to maintain the optimum condition, however, it is necessary to enhance those systems which are lagging behind others. Once you exceed the limits of harmony, you fall ill. Negative influences make harmony trail away from the body. Where the negative circumstances last long, the stage of chronic, permanent disharmony is established. For example, the fatigue syndrome and a whole number of serious diseases are characterised by a deep energy deficiency and disharmony.

The onset of disharmony and disease always has its roots in the energy system of the body. Nothing works, nothing goes, nothing moves without adequate energy. It involves the understanding of the essential principle of existence of man and life in the universe as such. This cannot do without energy, either! Ancient civilisations drew upon this knowledge thousands of years ago. Their natural philosophy and methods of regeneration of man were of the highest standard, and not only in the Eastern civilisations. The mutual links between the material and biological worlds are as natural as the conjunction of classical therapy and natural methods of regeneration.

Each product partakes in the enhancement of immunity through harmonisation of the relevant energy paths of our organs. Balance among individual organs of the human body is necessary just like in nature. Any deviation from the normal may be considered a sign of disharmony or disease. An offset energy deficiency results in better organ functions. With the elimination of toxins from the body by means of phyto-substances and bioinformation the pace of this process gets several times quicker. That is why this method of regeneration ranks among worldwide novelties and deserves dissemination all over our beautiful planet.

Stop and think what you do not do right in your life, what you eat, how much you move, how you behave, and then you are likely to decide to slowly change your lifestyle. You may be pleasantly surprised and we believe that you will not be disappointed.

Regeneration in the Pentagram

The day when science starts exploring non-physical phenomena, it will make bigger progress in ten years than in all the centuries of its existence.
Nikola Tesla

Vladimír Durina
The Development and Research Director of the ENERGY Company
Author of Regeneration in the Pentagram

New Regeneration Options
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This new, progressive method of reverse regeneration is based on the principles of bio-information therapy and on the holistic approach to man. This method makes use of the latest data from the fields of Psychotronics, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, Crystal Therapy and Bio-resonance. Bio-information is carried by an herbal, poly-composite (multiple substance) extract, which is harmonized in accordance with a specific arrangement, to equilibrate all processes in the body. This leads to a general bolstering of the immune system.


The bio-information products, whose development is based on this new method, influence the human body simultaneously on several levels. The effective herbal substances affect human organs directly throughout meridian links, and through Bio-resonance the causes of disease are offset by the information components already in man's information field. Their maximal effectiveness manifests itself through their synergistic effect. Overall, the bio-information products put the man's personality in harmony. The equilibrium of the body is achieved by way of the reverse symptoms of previous diseases. Every plant, every mineral or other substances that can be used for regeneration, have their maximal effect at a certain degree of dilution. Developing our products, we fully applied this principle.


The whole reverse regeneration system consists of five basic, wide-spectrum regeneration products, which complement each other and are intended for the regeneration of all the vital centers of human body. The word ”wide-spectrum” is meant to express the fact that every product regenerates several regions simultaneously. A big advantage is in creativity of the product's usage and in the simplicity of the system. This way, everybody can take preventive care of his / her health on the basis of harmonization.

Harmony is important


There is no such thing as absolute health. To maintain one’s optimal condition, one needs to strengthen those systems that fall behind the others.

On the picture, you can see the interval, in which you can stay to feel healthy. As soon as you step across the borders of harmony, you get ill. Because of negative influences, the harmony disappears from the body. If the negative state persists, you get into a chronic state of permanent disharmony. A deep energy insufficiency and disharmony appears, for example, in chronic fatigue syndrome and many other serious illnesses.

The beginnings of disharmony and illness have always their roots in the body power supply. Nothing works, nothing runs, nothing moves without a sufficient amount of energy. Why should the biological world be an exception, why should the laws of power not apply to this? We are talking about understanding the basic principle of human existence and life in the universe in general. Neither universe works without energy! Ancient civilisations were using this knowledge thousands years ago. Their natural doctrine and methods of human's regeneration were on the highest level, and not only in the Orient. Some people are not sufficiently convinced of existence of magnetic pathways, despite the fact that their doctrine appears in several oriental medicines. The pathways and points have different names but the most important ones stay always the same, should we talk about either Chinese, Indian, or other medicines. French scientists brought a proof that meridians really exist. They injected a radioactive substance to the places in the hypodermic where meridians were to be found. Using scintigraphy, they could see that 12 meridians interweave the human body like a perfect river system - exactly in the places the traditional Chinese medicine knew 3000 years ago. The mutual interconnection of material and biological worlds is natural, as well as interconnection of classical treatment and natural regeneration methods. Furthermore, harmonisation and prevention mean more than treatment; this fact is known by everybody who wants to help his fellow men or is already doing so.

The key to the product definition and the system of utilisation
- as prevention
- in health problems
- to enjoy life
Even if we feel healthy, we are often interested in even more preventive strengthening of our bodies. We may use the bio-information products in the following order, but we may as well start from the end:
1. Vironal - prepares the region affected by Regalen for regeneration
2. Regalen - prepares the region affected by Renol for regeneration
3. Renol - prepares the region affected by Gynex for regeneration
4. Gynex - prepares the region affected by Korolen for regeneration
5. Korolen - prepares for regeneration the region affected not only by Vironal but also by all other products

Each product takes its part on strengthening the immune system based on the harmonisation of specified energy pathways of our organs. A balanced energy insufficiency causes a better function of the organ. By cancelling toxins out of the body by means of herbal-substances and bio-information, this process is accelerated and multiplied. This is why the Regeneration in the Pentagram ranks among the world-wide novelties that deserve to be spread all around our beautiful planet.

Let us imagine regeneration in the Pentagram as an endless loop. We may start from anywhere, but we must always know what is our goal.

Example: We have a headache in the region from the cervical vertebrae towards the ear. We look at the picture of meridians and find out that this is the path of the gall-bladder meridian. To reach the harmonisation, we take the bio-information product Regalen, because it is related to this meridian. This is how we balance the disharmony in this pathway, and the pain disappears. We act similarly in all other cases.

You can simple choose a product on Pic. 2 where you can see the pair organs and their relationships to the products. The products are related and you can use a different products for the same organ, you just need to differ if the amara should be used from Regalen for example for stomach stimulation, or if it would be better to have the amount of myrrh in Vironal and its antibacterial abilities etc. Each product contains different substance which organ needs at the moment.

To make the choice of the suitable product easier, there are pictures of individual pathways with their descriptions on pages 10-19.
People who want to get closer understanding of the body energetic system, relations between organs and get more expert education at the same time should read the five books by Vladimir AND called Klasicka cinska medicina 1-5 (Classical Chinese Medicine 1-5).

  • Other way of determination is to use apparatus which is based on a principle of EAV method.
  • And finally for determination we can use different psychotronic methods.


You should choose your own right way that suits you best, get use your skills, experience and education.
Every man can be placed into a certain type. Someone is a kidney type, another one is a liver type, and yet another man can incline to the weakening of the lungs. Somebody can be a mixed type and have several weakened organs at the same time. One cannot do much with this. It is caused by genetics. Generally, however, we can strengthen these organs and thus eliminate negative manifestations of disharmony in energy pathways of these weakened organs. The weakening of the energy pathway of an organ can appear in the general constitution of man. The mentions of weakening will be recognisable in the man's psychics, as well as in his / her behaviour and physical constitution - for example in restricted flexibility of joints or an inadequate function of some muscles. The joints and muscles will be affected in the area of the weakened energy pathway. Try to define which product is the most suitable for your constitution and which organs should be strengthened.

After using up the corresponding amount of the product that we chose to be the basic, we follow the given order. However, after some time we always return to the product that we chose to be the first. Because of inherited dispositions or weakening in organ of the body, we sometimes must to give a priority to this organ and strengthen it repeatedly.

Somebody may need only one bottle for regeneration or strengthening, somebody else may need more. We are all different and therefore we must organise our regeneration individually.

The order of using the products may be changed or made more accurate by different testing methods. A combination of any two products is also possible. In this case, we take a bigger amount of the product that relates to the problem that causes major complications and whose manifestation is more visible. The second product taken in minor doses only helps to speed up the process of regeneration that has already begun. The easiest product to combine with the others is Vironal. This combination may come to use when we regenerate e.g. our gall-bladder and in the process of regeneration we get a flu. Using bigger doses of the products at the same time or even their mixing does not bring any effect. It is always good to have on your mind the well-founded proverb ”enough is as good as a feast”!

In the human body, organs and systems must be in balance as it is in nature. Every stepping aside from normal can be understood as manifestation of disharmony or a disease. Think of the things that are bad in your life, what you eat, whether you do sports, how you behave, and after this you may decide to change slowly your life style.

First of all, you have to count that regeneration does not depend on how big is the dosage of the product you use. What is important is time. It is impossible to ask your body to regenerate its joints in one day when you have been damaging them for several years and furthermore, you still have your bad habits. Especially if you do not do exercises, eat too much, consume daily a lot of meat, sugar, salami, chemically preserved food and you drink little pure water. In this case, it is rather clear that the results come in longer period. The process of regeneration may be accelerated by a proper diet that is based on the restriction or total absence of the items above in our menu. If you choose the right way, you can feel that the pain leaves in a couple of hours, sometimes even minutes, but you can never accept miracles. You may be pleasantly surprised and we hope that you will not be disappointed.

Many thousands years ago, the bases of traditional Chinese medicine were laid. Then, the word ”disease” was not used, but they talked about the so-called imbalance. People were used to going to the doctor already before they began to feel the symptoms of the coming disease. Later, approximately 2,500 years ago, Hippocrates, the grandfather of medicine, praised the ability of the human body to heal itself. He called this ability physis. Similarly to the Chinese, he also thought that nourishment is the root of health; his sentence ”Let your nourishment be your medicament and let your medicament be your nourishment” has been well known for centuries.

Look at the pentagram (pic.2) that describes relations in the shape of a five-pointed star. This picture may be your guide to your regeneration. Each product has its organ; this organ has its associate organ, element, quality, taste, season. The system of five elements and their mutual influence makes the understanding of the pentagram easier. We will give you an example for better understanding. The inadequate function of kidneys is expressed by fear and by reducing the sharpness of hearing. The damaging of liver, on the other side, may express itself in anger, fury and reduced eye function. The detailed description of the relations between the elements can be found in books about oriental philosophy and medicine.

  • There is a connection between lungs and liver. When a person have gall-bladder problems (gall-bladder’s pair organ is liver), he/she should primary pay attention to lungs and the other way round.
  • When kidney problems appear, it is also good to pay attention to liver. Liver and kidneys work in the body as some kind of battery, where liver is (+) pole and kidneys are (-) pole. Beside that, these two organs are fundamental pillars of body’s detoxification process. When liver is harmed, kidneys enhance their output because the detoxification of the body must be retained, otherwise the body would be full of injurious products. And the other way round.
  • There is also close relationship between kidneys and other parts of the body where sufficient amount of energy in the kidney meridian influences the quality of hair, teeth, bones and activity of the lymphatic system. So before you grab a ”guaranteed” hair shampoo, try at the same time Renol, which will stimulate the energy of the kidneys.
  • If there is a problem in the bottom part, its results will appear above and the other way round. This principle negatively influences especially human’s psychic.